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     One of the core philosophies is the sharing of knowledge. In 2018, we formed the Homesteaders & Preppers Guild as a means of creating a community of people looking to increase their knowledge in skills that are needed by Homesteaders and sought after by Preppers. We started out with a Facebook Group that is now called Requiem's Home, Hearth, and Heart. Fall 2018 we had our first event that focused on these topics and held a Fall Homesteaders and Preppers Bazaar where attendees were privy to a chicken necropsy and anatomy lesson along with humane way to dispatch chickens and cooking them over a campfire. Spring 2019 Bazaar had discussions on methods for growing your own food and how to create your own seed bank. 

     As we have this event twice a year, we are always on the look out for target market vendors, demonstrators, and activities. If you would like to vend at this event, follow this link to our google application. If you would like to be a skill demonstrator or provide other related activities, please email 

fall h&P vendors.jpg

What do we have in store for this event?

  • Vendors

  • Food

  • Presenters

  • Activities

  • Seed Swap

  • Bartertown and Community Rummage Sale


Vendors Applications are OPEN for the 2024 - 2025 season!

Vending starts at $50 for a 12' x 12' space (no electricity)

Vendors need to bring their own:

  • Canopy/Tent with weights! Our breezes off the highway are frequently very gusty where staking down your canopy is not enough!

  • Tables

  • Chairs


Be sure you have enough small bills in your till as we do not have the ability to "make change".


Food Vendors Applications are OPEN!

We already have a food vendor for the Fall Event and will not be accepting applications for any additional hot food vendors. Those selling under Cottage Food Laws are still welcome to apply.

Fall H&P volunteers.jpg


We are always in need of those presenting information that is relevant to the homesteading and preppers community with a variety of proficiency levels in both topics.  Topics we have had in the past: brushcraft skills, create a medic kit, wound identification, medicinal foraging, basics of gardening, and the ever popular chicken care and processing. 


Volunteers are needed during all phases an event. From promoting the event, assist with coordinating specific specialty areas, runners at events, and event venue clean-up afterwards.  We do take care of our volunteers are well feed, whether it is cold cut sandwiches to $20 voucher redeemable at participating food vendors.  

Scam Alert
Fall H&P Scam Alert.jpg

We are seeing a lot of comments on our social media pages where someone who is not a part of our staff has stated "contact me to apply" "limited space left. PM me" where they then entice you to make a Facebook or CashApp transaction with them.  Please do not fall for their scam. We will only comment back with our Google Docs URL or direct you to our website to apply.

Seed Swap
Raffle Items
Fall H&P raffle.jpg

Raffle tickets are only available at the event at this time. As this year's items are added, and/or we have volunteers to pre-sale raffle tickets, we will update this area.

* You do not need to be present to win! *

Drawing will be held at 5 PM

Items we have had in the past:

  • Auto turning egg incubator

  • Pre-Made Bug Out Bag

  • 72 Hour Food Supply

  • Portable Solar Power Pack 

  • Small Medic Bags

  • Gift Card to

  • Camping Cook Ware

  • Camping Dinner Ware with utensils

  • Portable Rocket Stove

  • Water Purification Kit by Life Straw 

  • Ruck Sack with Support Frame

  • Gift Certificate to

2024 - 2025 Wish List of Raffle Items:

  • Large Bug-Out-Bag with frame

  • 2 Person Sleep Tent

  • 72 Hour Food Supply

  • Portable Solar Power Pack 

  • Small Medic Kits

  • 3 Day Survival Bag

  • Water Bottle Survival Kit

  • Seed Vault

  • Gift Certificates/Cards

  • Camping Dinner Ware with utensils

  • Homesteader/Prepper Books

  • Water Purification Kit by Life Straw 

  • Garden Tool Set

  • Chicken Starter Kit

  • Animal Medic Kit


We aim to have all items be no less than $15.

$15 - $50 will be a $1 raffle purchased at the "door". 

Items $50 and over will have tickets go on sale August 31st. 

If you would like to sell raffle tickets at your business please reach out Requiem's Events of Texas.

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