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Our apologies, due to unforeseen circumstances,

we are having to shelve Bantucky Con for a while.

2023 and 2024 Bantucky Con will NOT be happening.

Bandera County's outdoor Convention that meshes the fantastical world of science fiction with fun learning activities! Our STEAMPunk Convention has a heavy focus on Science (Science Fiction), Technology (old, new, and future tech), Engineering (beginning with the foundation of designing to the final), Arts/Crafts (a field that is so important in keeping curiosity and creativity alive), Math (challenge yourself or challenge someone else!), and so much more!

In 2020, Guilds of Requiem, Inc. hosted an outdoor UFO Mini-Con, in late August, giving those looking to stay in practice of their cosplay skills and love of everything Sci-Fi a chance to stretch in a safe environment that was naturally conducive to "Social Distancing". Little did we know that we see nearly 300 people in the middle of the dog days of summer at an event that was planned and executed in less than 30 days! As the event was winding down, the temperatures kept rising, and questionable choices of "rehydrating", discussions on future events in the Hill Country were had.  After the brain-fog lifted the next morning conversation with all Executive Board Members, and Bantucky Con was officially born.

Keeping to Guilds of Requiem's Educational and Community Service philosophies, the creators wracked their brains on just how can we make our event "unique" once normal fandom conventions begin to happen again? Enter Space Station Requiem into the conversation who ceremoniously announce they would be creating a STEAMPunk Unit for youth members of their all inclusive Hill Country of Texas fandom organization. The STEAMPunk Unit is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/Crafts, and Math focus of their program plus the fun of belonging to any fandom can give. 

10_1_2021 1_19_54 PM.png
battle for humanity

battle for humanity

Terminator Jo arrived to Earth August 29th, 2020 as our first mascot to represent UFO Mini-con 2020... a year that many would like to forget. His goal was to remind everyone that we must fight to retain our humanity

Bantucky Jo

Bantucky Jo

Bantucky Jo does his best to fit in with the other residents of a county called "Bantucky." He's a bit socially awkward when you first meet him, then he wows you with his knowledge of everything Human. His first appearance was Bantucky Con 2021

Betty Jo

Betty Jo

Betty Jo is Bantucky Jo's little sister that everyone loves. She's the sweetheart of the group and loves to give universal hugs to anyone in need. She was introduced at Bantucky Con 2021.

D'aba Doo

D'aba Doo

New to Bantucky Con 2022 is D'aba Doo. He is an energetic fella that loves to dance!

Cajun Gator

Cajun Gator

Cajun Gator is the STEAMPunk Hero, landing at Bantucky Con 2022, with a plan for fun times! His pinto bean powered rocket is a blast at events.... though we are fairly certain that you are supposed to eat the beans for "gas power"...

Meet our Mascots and Ambassadors of fun!

Bantucky Con 2023

We will once again be hosted by Pomarosa RV Park!  Entrance for the general public will begin at 10 AM and end at 6 PM for Vending and scheduled STEAM Activities. We hope to bring you a listing of area businesses that look forward to seeing you at their location! And, yes, we will label which "after hours" activities will be family friendly. 

More about the event!

  • Admission will be FREE! - as this is our goal for every Guild's of Requiem Event we coordinate/host

  • Activity costs will range between FREE and $10/participant

  • Vending and STEAM Activity hours are 10 AM - 6 PM


    • Get some extra miles out of your Halloween Costume

    • Slide into something that is fun (and family friendly!)

    • Dust off that cosplay hiding in the back of the closet

    • We are positive that you are still the same size as when you left Starfleet Academy ;)

    • And remember, Cosplay is not consent!! 

  • Vending "fees" are locked in at $50 per 12' x 12' space - as this is also the lowest tier of sponsorship and covers our minimum costs for the event

  • Food Pop-up Vendors is $75 and Food Trucks $100

  • We are planning on 30 vendor spaces that do not include the Vendors Guild Pavilion

  • Vendor selection is juried to ensure we do not have an over abundance of a single product

  • DS/MLM merchandise is allowed at this event, however handcrafted items will take precedence

  • Retail Resale, that you would normally find at a convention items will be allowed - please remember we are outside and to plan your product selection carefully

  • All Vendors are responsible for providing their own canopy, canopy weights (we recommend staking into the ground plus 20# on each leg as we are right on Highway 16 and it does get breezy), tables, and chairs

  • There will be NO vending spaces with electricity - Small quiet generators are allowed

  • Tribal Hall will have four (4) vending spaces at $25/each to anyone performing in Tribal Hall, a minimum of 2 hours, as this our cost for the space

    • It will be the same location where you were set-up for Ren Faire of Bandera County

    • We will have power over there

    • Please remember to keep the volume at a respectable level as there are people who live at the Pomarosa RV Park full-time and might be a night shift worker trying to sleep....

  • Artist Alley will be limited to four (4) vending spaces at $25/each with 2 hours of performance or craft demonstration time

    • Again $25 is our cost for the space, so that is the lowest we can go

    • You will have power and be located under the trees to the right of the gate

    • We are open to anyone bringing their canopy and extra camp chairs to make the area more comfy and inviting

    • Additional canopies and portable seating are once again on our wish list with our sponsors

  • Non-Profit Spaces are limited to 5 spaces with 4 hours of volunteer time (will not include food vouchers) on a first come, first serve when signing up

    • You can have fund raising activities at your booth

    • Volunteer hours can be the day before, day of, or day after clean-up crews

    • Volunteer hours can also be one sturdy person working 4 hours, 4 people working one hour, or any other combination totaling 4 hours

    • We do welcome additional volunteer hours, as our core group of volunteers is only four able bodied people!

  • Sponsors Vending spaces are limited to 5 on a first come, first serve basis

    • We will confirm upon receipt of donation if you are needing a space to set-up and promote your business at our event above

    • Or if you are donating your space to a non-profit for fund raising

    • Sponsors spaces will be to the right of the gate

  • Electricity will be available to Food Court Vendors, Entertainers, and the First Aid Station - ONLY

  • Our goal is six Food Trucks/Vendors that are serving hot or cold food, in the food court

    • Ideally 3 food trucks and 3 pop-up food vendors so that space can be set aside for seating

    • Portable picnic tables will once again be on our wish list 

    • Food Trucks $100 and Food Pop-up Vendors $75

  • We will be offering Volunteer Vouchers at this event for a minimum of 4 hours of volunteering before, during, or after the event

    • must be signed up no later than October 1st to be included in our budget

    • $20 Volunteer Food Vouchers will once again be available and redeemable at select food vendors

  • Vendors, Activities, Entertainment, and Sponsors/Non-Profit Groups will be grouped by category

  • Handcrafted, or custom, merchandise will have preference over DS/MLM merchandise in the same product category

  • We will create a list of locations for over night accommodations as our location is currently not offering camping spaces

  • ALL Applications will open on January 1st, 2023 as previously planned and announced

  • ALL Applications will close on October 15th, 2023 with payments due by the October 20th

  • Advertisement of vendors will not begin until payment is received 

  • Any fees, donations, or sponsorships need to be in by October 1st to be included on any printed material

  • The Check-in Gate will not be accepting any payments and will not have a cash box. Period.

  • Application Links are found above and will be active beginning January 1st, 2023.

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